Handmade Gifts

The first handmade purse I bought was from a friend who worked with me in the retail industry. She enjoyed long hours creating fascinating, custom purses from whatever fabric and textures caught her eye. I still have the purses she made me and I had purchased from her, several years ago. Her skill and enthusiasm for design, as well as my love of handmade gifts, inspires me share my gift with others.

I sew by hand – without a sewing machine. Sewing this way allows me to enjoy the experience of creating without being rushed to mass-produce products. I’m also able to create without boundaries, unusual angles and smooth corners, to secure fabric more tightly or as loose as needed to produce the best quality design without compromising originality. To view and/or purchase handmade designs, please visit Frayed Edge Designs.

Below, are designs I have hand-sewn. If you are interested in owning a customized design (as the ones pictured) – you may contact me at lauriebkozlowski@gmail.com ; Please type in the subject line “Handmade Inquiry” .


Above: Character-themed, sharp-pocket-angled, and small-sized purse with matching bow-clip and shiny, golden rose-buttons


Emoji crossbody-strapped purse with polka-dot interior; front-angled-flap and pink-flower-button feature


CrochetedSmall Purse

Crotched; small rectangular gradient-colored yarn; French-park interior print design feature with crossbody strap



Crocheted medium purse, expands into large book-tote


Bright confetti-stripped medium handbag 

Other Unique Creations


Small woven square clutch